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Yogi Naresh began Clarity Cleaning in September, 2004 as a part time business. Clarity Cleaning has steadily grown every year as it strives to provide excellent window cleaning service for customers. This is not Yogi's first endeavor into window cleaning, however.

The first experience with window cleaning began with Windows Etc. in April, 1993. Windows Etc. quickly grew to a sizeable service with more than 350 customers and a crew of 6 full and part time employees. Our notable business clients included Whitworth College, Yoke's Fresh Market, and many doctor's offices and dentist's buildings. This business was sold to Rainbow Window Cleaning, Inc. in August, 1999 so that Yogi and his newleywed, Connie, could move to California for Seminary training.

Windows Etc. was reborn in Santa Clarita, California in October, 1999. Window cleaning in Southern California had its benefits! Imagine 70 degrees, bright blue sky, and Christmas lights! This second Windows Etc. was sold after a few years so that Yogi and Connie could re-locate and help with a church plant in South Orange County.

Again, after almost twenty two years of window cleaning, Yogi sold this third busines. Clarity Cleaning was sold to Dave Kelly in February 2015. Dave has been cleaning windows in the Spokane area for more than thirty years. He will seek to service the Clarity Cleaning customers with the utmost excellence.

Here are a few relevant lessons from window cleaning that transfer well to real estate:

  • The best compliment for a job well done is a solid referral. As my window cleaning businesses grew primarily on word-of-mouth referrals, so will my real estate business. I endeavor to provide excellent, specialized service bringing my unique background and experiene to every interaction
  • Homeownership is a personal. Your home is where you are you. You may live in a neighborhood in which your floorplan is repeated a few times. But those other buildings are not your home. Your home represents what you like, what you value, who your family is. It is an expression of who you are.
  • Homeownership is an investment. Your home is possibly your most sizeable financial investment. As such, it requires constant and consistent attention. My customers who were the most successful in life and business had the "best" homes. They were the most orderly, peaceful, beautiful places. This did not always require lots of money, just lots of care and intentionality.
  • Trust opens many doors. My customers grew to trust me. They trusted me with their greatest investments in personal and business property. They also trusted me to access the most personal parts of their homes, often when they weren't even there. My care for my customers and my own integrity enabled me to be trustworthy. I will seek to do the same in real estate transactions.
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