Adventure Sport Rentals

Yogi and his brother, Jeremy, grew up riding powersports. In their adult life, Jeremy tried to coax Yogi into buying a snowmobile and riding together. Yogi looked into renting a snowmobile before making a big investment. Serendipitously, he discovered that no one in the Spokane area was renting snowmobiles. Now Jeremy coaxed Yogi into starting a snowmobile rental business. So Yogi went from never owning a snowmobile to purchasing eleven! Mt. Spokane Adventure Sports, LLC was created in November 2007. Jeremy was the first guide and Yogi was the business manager. As the business added ATV rentals and a location in Coeur D'alene, the business became Adventure Sport Rentals.

Yogi still manages the corporation and oversees training guides and maintaining machines. He gets to do the occasional tour and take his family out for an adventure.

Managing such a complex business makes the legal paper work and loan issues of real estate look easy! Adventure Sport Rentals attracted media attention and customers nation wide (and even internationally). So many people visit the Inland Northwest and fall in love with all it has to offer. Yogi is intimately acquainted with the "near nature, near perfect" selling points of the Spokane area.

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