Construction and Remodelling

Yogi's first regular job was working construction. A family friend hired him at the ripe old age of 13! Every summer through high school and the first year of college, Yogi framed houses, condominiums, and restaurants in the Spokane area. Learning construction from the ground up also provided open doors to do remodelling on the side through college.

With this construction and remodelling background, Yogi was confident he could take a "fixer-upper" and transform it into his first family home. The Nareshs loved their home on 5-mile prarie. They still own it as a rental.

This knowledge of homes literally "inside and out" is invaluable for a real estate agent. Although not a certified home inspector, Yogi can quickly and easily identify quality construction work and potential structural problems. This background makes him uniquely suited for new construction sales and investment properties.